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About us

About us

Al Khaleejiah's was established in 1990 by Saudi Research and Marketing Group ( head office is based in Riyadh with offices in Jeddah, Dhahran, London, Paris , and Dubai. Furthermore, Al Khaleejiah has established a worldwide network of representatives.

In promoting the portfolio of Saudi Research and Publishing Company ( publications , Al Khaleejiah constantly supports and publishes details of media research and distribution obtained by bona-fide independent companies. Al Khaleejiah's media is measurable in terms of quality, reach and, more importantly, value for money.


The Representation

Today, the Saudi Research & Marketing portfolio stands at fifteen titles. Monitoring of the markets needs is a continuing and important duty for Al Khaleejiah. It is not solely confined to distribution and sales. Whenever a marketing need is identified, a project team is assigned to appraise it and report on the various aspects.


More About The Future

Always economically dominant, it is only natural that Arab regional publications from Saudi sources should do well in the area. SRPC and Al Khaleejiah, by remaining in close touch with GCC markets, have been able to take the initiative direct to other member states and by doing so, enhance the advertising message of the regional advertiser. For the corporate or regional international advertiser who is committed to the Gulf marketplace, the availability of truly pan-Gulf titles is ideal. Saudi Arabia, as the dominant economic force, will necessitate the largest media budget being allocated, and rightly! On the other hand the advertiser may have markets to cover in other states, such as UAE and Bahrain or Kuwait, to name but three. This is where the strength of SRPC and Al Khaleejiah become apparent in that the client is well placed in the Saudi market whilst enjoying the extra regional coverage offered by SRPC's main titles. Building on the affinity is a natural process and opening and maintaining distribution, editorial and marketing facilities outside the Kingdom shows a unique commitment to the region as a whole.


Long Term in the Gulf and Arab World

The success and skill of the marketer is directly related to the share of business achieved within the market place itself. The successful company will also be striving to increase its market share. The Arab and Gulf markets therefore, represent a great challenge to those who are prepared to invest in terms of product quality, backup and service, and of course promotion. And it is this last, essential, support service that is often undersold. Promotional investment in relation to the market growth potential on the whole is small when compared to the opportunity. To reach Western levels of promotion companies should double their expenditures. We have a wealthy growing market and more and more potential suppliers stand at the door. The competition will be strong but the rewards worthwhile. Our message is simple: We aim to produce the best, most in-demand media for the Arabian Peninsula (Arab market). For the reader , the viewer and the advertiser, our investment is a partnership and we value our partners' support.

Over twenty years, our investment and growth has proved our commitment, and we hope very much we will.


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